Whether in-person keynote or virtual workshop, Elaine engages, empowers, and equips individuals to take action.



Individuals, organizations, and cultures have learned and been rewarded for silence.

So, how do we unlearn the silence that undercuts our careers and communities?

Unlearning silence needs to happen at the individual, leader, and culture levels.

Unlearning Silence Addresses

  • Collaboration, Team Effectiveness, Innovation
  • Communication, Belonging, Dignity
  • Conflict Management, Retain and Develop Talent

Who This Is For

The Unlearning Silence content can be delivered in virtual or in-person keynotes, workshops, and application sessions, tailored to the specific needs of the following populations:


You are an individual who has struggled with speaking up or belong to a group that has been silenced or underestimated, includes employee resource (ERG) and affinity groups.

Explore sample session description and learning outcomes for Individuals »


You want to be a good ally. You lead women, people of color, and those who are marginalized and underrepresented. You want to do the right thing, but don’t always know what that looks like.

Explore sample session description and learning outcomes for Allies »


You are a professional in the people space. You work in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Human Resources, or Learning and Development. Your job is to help others work together.

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Elaine is so good at what she does.

Her ability to connect with audiences immediately and in a human way, her masterful knowledge and unparalleled listening and reflection invite and enable others to get better.

— Global Marketing Director, Nike

Elaine changed my life.

She spoke both to my work and to my soul.

— President, CA Community College

Elaine is the best interviewer…

[the Global Leadership Summit] has ever had.

— One of 1,800,000 Summit attendees via Twitter

Elaine was able to balance two important factors throughout the training.

On the one hand, she could offer vulnerability and her own demonstrative stories/examples, which made her relatable. On the other hand, she came across as very expert and knowledgeable about the subject matter, which established trust with the audience right away. 

— Manager, Protect Democracy

It was dreamy – if that’s the proper way to describe it.

It was perfectly wonderful and we are extremely grateful for the experience!

— Event Organizer, Kaiser Permanente